Eidhne Gallagher

Hello there, my name is Eidhne – and no, I was not named after the famous Irish singer!

‘Eidhne’ apparently means ‘kernal of a nut or seed’, which is ironic because I’m actually allergic to nuts! My parents (my mother in particular), are huge fans of the Irish language and when I was born, wanted to give me an Irish name. Unfortunately for me, they decided to choose a name that nobody can pronounce right!

My writing career started off at the mere age of seven, when I found an old accounts book and decided to use it to scribble down a very bad story about a magic statue, an evil hypnotist and a missing stone. (Don’t ask!)

From there, I proceeded to write a diary, chronicalling the highs and lows of being a teenager, surviving the Leaving Cert and the life of a college student. Writing became an escape for me during the tough times of life and gradually, I realised that this is what I wanted to do as a career.

Now, I’m using this page to display my writings, what I research and what I can do with words. Please enjoy my work and take the time to let me know what you think!



Writing is something that I have done since I was seven. For years, I’ve filled countless diaries and notebooks with stories, and I’m hoping to one day, adapt my love of writing into a career.


I’ve always had a love for history, particularly famous royals such Henry VIII and Marie Antoinette. I’ve written a few pieces of research about famous people and events throughout the years.


I have taken part in various amateur productions including Peter Pan, The Blues Brothers and Hairspray. I played the leading role in the Transition Year production of Hot Mikado. I was a member of the Monaghan Youth Theatre and the DCU Drama Society. I took part in DCU’s productions of American Idiot and Sweeney Todd. Most recently, I studied Musical Theatre and Acting for Camera at the Gaiety School of Acting.


Many say that I began singing before I was in nappies! I was a member of the Monaghan Junior Cathedral Choir from the age of eleven to eighteen and sung solo frequently. I was pleased to achieve Distincition in Grade 8 Singing from the Royal Irish Academy of Music!


Door Hostess at TGI Fridays

2017 – 2018

Duties: managing the front desk, greeting customers, clearing tables and managing reservations. Was also involved in training new employees in both Westmoreland Street and St. Stephen’s.

Waitress at Mag’s Chinese Restaurant, Monaghan

2015 – 2016

Duties: taking orders, serving food and beverages, clearing tables and managing reservations. On occasion, assisted in managing take-out orders

Barmaid/Waitress at O’Dwyer’s Irish Bar, Trier, Germany

2016 – 2017

Duties: taking orders, serving food and drinks to customers and clearing tables. Was also involved in weekly table quizzes, tallying scores and collecting answer sheets

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